Dianna’s puppies July 1, 2020

Dianna’s puppies came into this world without a hiccup on July 1, 2020. She had 7 beautiful and chunky babies. She had 4 girls and 3 boys!

Update: July 9, 2020

Without hesitation, Dianna adopted Bubbles’ two beauties because Bubbles had a medical issue that prevented her from nursing her babies. We are monitoring them all closely to make sure they all get enough food and are gaining weight properly. Plus Dianna is getting few extra snacks as a thank you 🙂

Update: July 27, 2020

This weekend they tried food (blended/mixed with water and powdered formula) for the first time and did really well. The puppies are all getting lots of teeth and most seemed very excited when they got the food.

All 7 of the puppies also got a little pedicure and had their nails trimmed just a little. They are also getting extra spoiled and love playing with their toys, the other puppies, and my grandkids.