About me:

Thank you for visiting Southern Sheepies! My name is Jackie Drumm, and I love Old English Sheepdogs. I have had an OES for 30+ years and I am definitely that “crazy lady” that takes her babies out and about. Both myself and my Sheepdogs love to take adventures or just go driving!

A New Start: As of July 2020 I am in Cincinnati, OH.

Why? I am returning to the area where I grew up, to be with my daughter and her family, and to make a fresh start. I am excited to start over but still passionate about loving my OES babies.

Even after all this time with my sheepdogs, this transition has taught me more and more about how much joy my Sheepdogs truly bring. I have loved seeing my grandchildren play and interact with the same love I share for them! So, if you see them in lots of pictures that’s why! 🙂 I’m so excited and can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes us!